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Paper & pulp

Typical installations: Return water, Rejection tanks, Machine chest, Pulp tower, Lye tanks, Causticization, Coatings.

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Side mounted agitator

Stamo’s side mounted agitators are particularly useful when the tank’s design only allows access from the side. The side mounted agitators are also used to establish extra powerful agitation in the bottom area of the tank when it is needed.

1.0 – 300 kW

Geared motor, Belt drive, Pneumatic or Hydraulic drive

Mounting plate, Welded stand or Cast iron stand

With or without bearing

Shaft seal:
Packing seal, Single or Double mechanical seal, Split seal, Gas seal

– Ø30 – Ø150 mm

– Size and type depend on the customer’s process
– Diameter Ø125 – Ø2000 mm

– Support to minimise the impact on the tank flange
– Different types of steel and coatings
– ATEX motor