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Stamo’s agitators – designed for results

Stamo Agitation Solutions specialises in the design and manufacture of customised agitators. The company was started in Västerås in 1949 and, with more than 65 years of expertise and experience, the company has grown into a world leading supplier of agitators around the world.

The demand for reliable agitators has increased rapidly within the environmental technology sector, particularly within water treatment and biological waste facilities. The challenge of environmental protection has become a global issue with increased importance. Governments and institutions of different types point to the increased need for treatments to maintain and protect the ecological balance.

Our main priority is to always solve the customer’s agitator needs. Stamo develops, manufactures and supplies a suitable solution for each unique application. The quality of our service and our ability to market agitators for different projects within every branch of industry put us at the forefront of agitator specialists. We are proud of our technology, our high quality and our approach to serving our customers.


Since the start in 1949 in Västerås, the company has grown to become a recognized supplier of agitators. By serving customers across the world, Stamo Agitation Solutions has established a presence in most parts of the chemical industry, water treatment, biogas, paper and pulp, mining industry, food/dairy, flue gas treatment and pharmaceutical industries.